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Even before you buy one of my templates you might wan't to look at an online interface to do it yourself. It's called: "SiteBuildIt". Click here.

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You can edit and customize these templates with specific software called Adobe Dreamweaver.  You can buy video training for dreamweaver that includes 100 templates for $47.77. Click Here to buy the video training and 100 templates!


First you buy the template, then you buy a hosting account.

Make sure you have a copy of Dreamweaver software to edit your site.

Remember if you have more then 7 products and wan't to take orders from your website, you'll probably wan't an e-commerce template instead.


To get your site ranked on the first page of google or yahoo click here.

To learn how to advertise for free on google, click here.

You can get do-it-yourself software to put streaming video on your site. You do not need to have any programming or web design knowledge. Click here!

Or, if you don't wan't software but would like read more about streaming video, you can read a free report by going here.


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