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Wholesale Web Design - We Design A Website for your Wholesale company

Designz23 Web Design can create web site for your wholesale company. We can either design your web site with wholesale functions only - or we can also put retail ordering capabilities on the same website - on the same domain. Your wholesale customers will have a username and password that will give them special access to wholesale prices, or even special products only available to wholesalers. You can have one set of products and prices on the retail side of the site that only the public sees, and yet a completely different set of products on the wholesale side that your registered wholesalers can see. In both cases, orders can be placed right from the website. Request a web design quote online.

  • We can setup your website so that a minimum dollar amount per order is required for wholesalers.
  • We can make it so you can approve or reject the wholesalers who request to do business with you.
  • We can provide multiple shipping options.
  • We can help you accept credit cards both on and off your website.
  • If you are currently accepting credit cards we can also lower your processing fees.
  • We can provide a zip code shipping calculator function right on your website.
  • The user inputs their zip code and the website calculates the shipping.

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Wholesale Web Design Pricing

For questions call Kim Murphy at (610) 751-4093 Wholesale Only Retail Only Both Wholesale and Retail Capabilities
No user Registration $500 $450 $1125
User Registration Add $175 Add $100 Add $250
Training to setup your own products inside shopping cart. Add $225 Add $180 Add $300
We setup your products (price per 100 products) Add $250 per 100 products Add $200 per $100 products Add $350 per $100 products

Request a web design quote online

We know that your business may require a custom solution with a unique function or style. Our standard web design packages are not the only web design option available to you. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and we'll do the best we can to find a solution. We strive to maintain long term business relationships and referrals by keeping our clients satisfied.

Kim Murphy (610) 751-4093