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An introduction to Website Content Creation

Let's face it - if you're running a business, you've already got your hands full.You're busy.You're already serving clients, managing the marketing, doing the outreach...you've got a full plate.Website content creation can be a nightmare.You'd rather be doing just about anything.It's hard to create new and unique content - something that hasn't already been published, repurposed and reworked a thousand times over.The struggle is real.You need captivating articles, worthwhile blogs, enticing landing pages, interesting off-site content and more.You've got to be edgy, maybe a little provocative -but still classy, and world-class just to compete.

C'mon, wouldn't you rather sleep in, or maybe step out for a little sun and fresh air than take on the task of creating leading class web content?Creative web content that gets people talking is a real challenge, but it is perhaps the most key component to a successful web presence.It's the means by which you're going to build your brand and leverage the power of the internet.There's no room here for half measures.You've got to bring it.If you can't catch a viewer's interest in a matter of seconds, you've already lost the battle.

Think about the last time you sat down to read a book or article, or listened to someone give a speech.Either the matter at hand quickly captured your interest, or it didn't.If it didn't, chances are you were quickly on to the next thing, and on the internet, is there ever any end to the next thing?In a society overloaded with information and a plethora of options, there's never a reason to be bored.You're simply not going to settle for mediocre and second rate.Why should visitors to your website ever settle for less than the very best?

We've established the importance of exceptional website content creation, now you need to ask yourself if you're up to producing it?If not, you need an accomplished and skilled professional web design company on your side.We've got the experience to do the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best.You may still be asking yourself, is content REALLY that important?Why does it matter so much?Let's take a look at a compelling reason.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is key to the success of big and small online business alike.Conversion rates, those things that turn into dollars and cents in your bank account, are 6 times higher for businesses that adopt content marketing.Social media users click links, watch videos, subscribe to newsletters, and buy things.When they are impressed with the content, they share it with their friends, who share it with their friends, and on it goes.We've all seen the ads that go viral as a result of Facebook shares.They are viewed millions of times over the course of a few days.Behind every one of those ads was someone who sought out the best possible web content out there, and it paid off big time!You can be that guy!Or gal!86% of business-to-consumer businesses and 95% of business-to- business businesses are using content marketing because it puts them at the forefront of the customer's mind when they are ready to buy.To give yourself the competitive edge, you need sterling and incomparable content.With our professional web design team in your corner, we're committed to getting you the best content available -content that will leave your competitors chasing their tails.

So What Are the Key Components of Cutting Edge Web Content and Why Do They Matter?

Design is your packaging.It's the difference of someone handing you a gift in the sack it came from the store in or having it professionally wrapped with textured paper interlaced with metallic design, tied with velvet ribbon and a bright, luxurious and luminous bow attached.Design is not the place to cheap out.Ever.Buy the generic hot dogs and we'll still come to your cookout, but give us generic content, and we're outta there, said every website visitor ever.You need to invest in professional design.It must be appealing to the eye.It must be engaging visually.It must be easy to navigate.It needs superb images.Your visitors demand an enhanced user experience and they won't settle for less.Our professional web design company has the expertise and a proven track record of success in design.It's what we do, hence the “design” in professional web design company.

Content is your main dish.When guests come over, you can serve them Grandma's meatloaf.No disrespect to Grandma.We love Grandma.But the meatloaf is dry.It's just hard to get down.And the mashed potatoes and lima beans on the side are just bland!Or, you could bring in a private chef and serve your guests black pepper spice-rubbed beef tenderloin, sautéed green beans and brussels sprouts with chile and mint, braised bacon carolina rice, and maybe some honey caramel peach pie for dessert.We're thinking we'll come to dinner on the night the chef is there.Just like you want to serve your guests the most appealing, succulent dinner, you’re going to need to feed your website visitors just as well.You've got to focus on what is interesting to them.Give them whatever draws them in.

Take their perspective and ask yourself“when I come to this website, what's in it for me?How will I be enriched?How is this going to improve my overall well-being?The content must be strong, compelling, absorbing, and fascinating.It might be products, it might be services.It might be a concept, a viewpoint, a candidate or a cause - whatever you're “selling” has to be exciting, engaging and constantly evolving to keep ahead of the pack.Our web design company is up to the task of delivering that content.

Strategy and tactics is the fuel that fans the flames.You can keep peddling that bike you bought at a yard sale 10 years ago.You know the one.The back fender is rusted.Most of the paint is gone.It squeals when the wheels turn.It's one speed.One.Speed.It might get you across town.Eventually.You'll be pretty winded though, probably too tired to do whatever you came across town for.You could get yourself one of those new bikes - those lightweight titanium ones - one like they ride in the Tour de France.The paint's all good, no rust, no squeal.Lots of speeds.It will get you across town before you're too tired for it to matter, and it won't even embarrass you while doing so.We know the yard sale bike was a steal and you have to come out pocket a little for the Tour de France bike, but wow, isn't it worth it?

Applying strategy and tactics to web content creation means thinking about what your website should look like.Should it position itself as a light and fun website, or a serious and weighty website?What are you goals?What kind of persona do you want to create?How will you communicate with site visitors?Are they there to buy something, educate themselves, read blogs, be part of an online community?

You'll need vision.You'll need style guides, templates, and lots of tools.If you know what you want to execute, but you're not entirely sure how to put into action, we've got the style guides, templates and tools to do that.We've got SO MANY tools.We're going to have to get a bugger toolbox.We want to put the tools to use designing the website of your dreams.We have the ability to turn your dreams into a reality.You bring the vision, and we'll bring the vision to life.

Design, Content and Strategy

These three elements; design, content, and strategy and tactics are critical to your website's effectiveness and success.They all form an interdependency that requires each element to perform at the highest level to create an overall ascendant victory.Design, the face of your website, intrigues visitors to cross the threshold and come in and look around.That design might include an artistic landing page, bright and beckoning images, relaxing or exciting music, colorful, edgy graphics, or an entertaining video.It's the wrap that makes visitors want to open the gift.It could be busy or minimalist, soft or loud, bright or dark, ethereal or earthy, but it must invite the user to look around, to stay for a bit, to see what you have to offer.

Content feeds the desire of the user.Once that site visitor has decided to look around, clicking on links, seeing what you offer, that visitor must be entertained, informed, and anxious for more - if they are to stick around.Content that enhances the user experience might include educational or informative articles, videos, or podcasts.It might include funny jokes, captivating photos, unique products, desirable services, or outline positions for a cause or a candidate for political office.The content must create a memorable experience for the user of your website.

If you get it right, the sky is the limit.Through the power of social media, visitors to your website will send many more visitors, if they are impressed.They will return to your site and maintain a pleasant association with your brand and yours will be the first site they think of when they want whatever it is you're offering.That's the position you want to be in - one that sets you up for success.Strategies and tactics, the nuts and bolts of your website, are an expression of you goals, intentions, and dreams.It's about what you hope to accomplish and how to do that.The framework and the architecture have to work, and they have to work well.Your website has to function at peak performance and effectively convey the message you intend to send.

Incredible Content at Incredible Pricing

We've established that second best simply won't do for any aspect of your website.When it comes to the content of your website, it needs to be fresh and active, ever evolving, creative, keyword rich, professional, well structured, enthralling, provocative, and irresistible to the user.Our professional web design company knows how to optimize your content, drive content marketing, and help you build your brand.We can collaborate with you, pairing up your vision and our industry knowledge to achieve your personal or business objectives.We are meticulous at our craft and maintain the highest quality standards as we walk our customers through every step of the web design process.When you need assistance with web content creation or any aspect of web design, we want to be your professional web design company of choice.