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PPC Reseller Program- Resell Social Media Marketing – Web Design Partnerships

Designz23 Marketing and Development is looking for long-term partners to resell PPC advertising, resell web design, and resell social media marketing. We work with agencies, individuals and companies in a variety of flexible partnership types. Over the last 8 years we have developed and marketed hundreds of websites, applications, ecommerce systems, and software. We know what it takes to keep your customers happy. You can put our services in your own company name, if that’s what you’d like to do. We then work behind the scenes in an optional full white label reseller relationship. We can email your customers, call your customers, and even upsell your customers if that’s what you prefer. When we call or email your customers, we say we are from your company. We represent your company with the utmost professionalism using your branding. We then provide full customer service and maintenance to keep our mutual customers long-term. The revenue you generate from each client is typically recurring in nature and lasts for years. Monthly ad management fees, hosting, maintenance, updates, blogging, and other services, create a monthly income steam unmatched in the reseller partnership industry. Get a sale today and get paid for many years to come. Each client typically purchases an array of cross-related marketing and development services.

The best PPC Reseller Program in the industry.

Our PPC Reseller program is both friendly and flexible for partners of all types, including large agencies, companies, and individuals, who are looking to expand their horizons. Pay Per Click Management Services are offered with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Resell PPC with the utmost confidence as we manage every stage of the sales and service processes. We setup, maintain, manage, track, and report your client’s PPC campaigns. Full reporting typically includes advanced call tracking, in addition to leads from the website directly. Each call resulting from an ad can optionally be recorded. Code is put on your client’s website which displays a special phone number to call that routes to your main line. Your customers know exactly what the ROI is without any ambiguity. Our PPC Reseller program typically creates long-lasting customers who use multiple PPC platforms. Gone are the days when Google is the only Pay-Per-Click option your customers want. Modern trends suggest that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are quickly gaining market share as major online advertising channels. You can resell PPC campaigns that offer targeting in specific zip codes or states, or offer nationwide advertising for major brands. Target specific income levels, interests, purchase history, and behaviors. Custom targeting makes sure your PPC clients get the most out of every dollar. You can also resell “retargeting campaigns” which show ads to people who have visited your website or social media page. As they browse the internet they will be shown ads from your company. These types of ads have been proven to offer better conversions then standard campaigns. At the end of each month you or your client will receive a full report explaining and analyzing how well the advertising campaign performed. We then schedule a meeting with the client to explain what’s happening and discuss how we can improve things on an ongoing basis.

Resell Social Media Marketing to expand your horizons.

Resell social media marketing to stay ahead of modern times. Facebook’s 1.4 billion users generate 4.5 billion likes each day. Uploads to Facebook now exceed YouTube. Today 500 Million Tweets will be generated generated from Twitters 284 Million users. 23% of Facebook users check their account five times per day or more. The advertisements we manage can show up right in the Facebook newsfeed as if it’s a regular post. We can target specific fans of your competitors, or target specific people who have expressed an interest in a certain topic, like internet marketing for example. Your client’s ads would then only show up for those people on their Facebook desktop newsfeeds, for example. On Twitter we can target specific keywords that a user might have searched for. In all cases we can display ads nationwide or only in certain zip codes. We can even select users who have a certain income level or recently purchased a vacation. Our social media reseller program offers your client’s a competitive advantage over Google. The clicks are more expensive on Google then social media, and the targeting is much more specific and flexible on social media marketing platforms. Get in contact with us to learn more about our social media marketing reseller program.


Web Design Partnerships – Resell Web Design, Programming, Software, Ecommerce and more.

Our web design partnership program offers flexibility that’s custom-tailored to your business. We generally offer all of your client’s unlimited changes until they approve the work. This no-risk process alleviates your client’s most common concerns when hiring a web development company. Whether the client likes the first draft, or finally accepts the work 5 drafts later, we stand behind our work and make sure your client is completely satisfied. We have built hundreds of websites over the past 8 years of all types, including large software portals and ecommerce giants. Custom software is prototyped from the ground up page by page, or screen by screen, with a revision process ensuring the client gets exactly they were looking for. This is the way software was supposed to be developed in the first place. A complete visual demonstration is created before what you see is actually produced. We hold meetings with your clients regularly showing them progress while discussing room for improvements and possibilities for upgrades. No project is too large or too complex. We thrive on the most complex software including large ecommerce custom systems. We take the time with the customer to fully understand, document, and then prototype what they are looking for. Understanding of the customer’s expectations is the key. We do this all in your company name, if that’s what you want.

More then just a web design reseller program.

You can also resell content marketing, blogging, Spanish website translation, video production and translation, and website hosting. Animation, membership sites, reservation systems, booking systems, social media sites (including dating sites), coupon sites, mobile aps and graphic design are all included in the program. We work with each client on a custom basis creating a unique plan of action that fits their needs. True web development is a friendly business process not a worrisome one. Our honesty and integrity makes this process hassle-free and creates business relationships that last. Please fill out the form below to get started, or email partners@designz23.com .


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