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right - Pay Per Click Management Service (PPC)

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

picture of pay per click ad location

Pay Per Click Advertising places your advertisement on the sponsored links section of a major search engine. (Such as Google, Aol, or MSN.)

An Example of Pay Per Click Management

Suppose you are a flower shop located in the city of Allentown, Pennsylvania. You tell us to spend $100 each month on your behalf targeting people who are searching for the following keywords on google:

Allentown Flowers Lehigh Valley Flowers
Bethlehem Flower shop
Allentown Florist
Allentown Roses Valentines Day Gifts
Lehigh Valley Roses Pennsylvania Floral Experts

Next, we'll ask you how much to spend for each click on a word or a phrase. These are called keywords. The process of allocating an amount for each word or phrase is called "Keyword Bidding" You may want to "bid" one dollar per click, three dollars per click, $1.75 per click - its up to you. You can even bid one amount for "Allentown Flower Shop" and a different amount for "Allentown Roses".

The more you "Bid" - the more prominently your ad is shown. Contact Now. Here's an example:

Picture of keyword bidding

Contact Now.

The top advertisement in the example picture above might very well be costing the advertiser in excess of three dollars for each click. Lets look at a less costly option, suppose you want to spend 90 cents per click . Look at this picture:

picture of low costing pay per click ad

The one thing to remember is that, besides's small fees, most of the time you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. So what's the difference if you get 100 clicks at 90 cents each - or 100 clicks at $3.00 each? There is no difference. The reason people bid more is because they want the chance to get more clicks each month. The 90 cent bidder might not get 100 clicks per month, but his company is still only paying 90 cents for each click. That's what his company wanted. The three dollar bidder might get a thousand clicks per month, but is paying about $3 every time. Contact Now.

The Content Search Network

Your pay per click advertisements will also appear in the Content Search Network. These are spaces on other websites that display your ad. The bidding cost is much less, but you wont get as many clicks. You might get away with paying less then 50 cents for each click, but you might get no clicks at all - or a very few. Contact Now. Here is a picture of the content search network:

picture of content search network

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