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Mobile Marketing that makes an Emotional Connection

Drive Your Business: Get your Customers to Stop Swiping and Start Caring

The majority of people on earth who are connected through the web are using it for more than just information and purchasing. People today want to be entertained and more importantly feel a connection with others. Business today needs to make an emotional connection with customers. It's no longer good enough to have a good product or pitch - the focus needs to shift to engaging people through mobile to get them to care and act on those feelings too.

If mobile content can move people it can move your business it greater ways than before. Building a brand with Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram will drive people to care about you and your business through engaging content. Your brand is no longer merely a logo, and getting your brand to stand out needs some excellent mobile marketing.

Time's Up - Mobile Marketing Is Already King

The transformation has already taken place. Mobile communication has taken hold across all personal and business interactions. Radio and television has been swept away by digital connections. People can share, communicate and discover new things instantly. Apps account for over 50% of all time spent on digital platforms and people are spending more time on mobile devices every day. Facebook and Instagram combine for 20% of all the time spent on mobile devices. If you stop to think that one out of every five minutes spent on mobile devices someone is on Facebook or Instagram it tells you that your business needs to be in that game. Like yesterday.

One billion potential customers check Facebook each day, how many of those people could you interest in your business with effective and engaging information? If 8 billion videos are being watched on mobile devices every day, shouldn't you consider some mobile-friendly video content that highlights your business and moves people to care at the same time?

Mobile marketing isn't something that effective businesses are considering - it's something that they are already mastering. All the statistics above prove mobile is the place to put time money and effort capturing customers and keeping them loyal to your brand.

Mobile Marketing Takes Some New Ways of Thinking and Executing

How can such a tiny little screen have such an enormous impact on your future customers? Facebook commissioned a study by US-based neuromarketing agency SalesBrain, to research how people respond to information delivered on both a TV and a smartphone. The results were that when users are on a mobile, they concentrate their vision on the screen and therefore their brain perceive it as bigger than a TV. As a result, their attention was over 80% higher, with nearly 80% lower distraction. People's brains actually perceived a smartphone as bigger and it held their attention considerably longer! That 60" flat screen TV couldn't compare with that tiny little mobile phone.

Getting consumers' attention is only the start. SalesBrain also found that content viewed on mobile garnered an emotional connection that was equal to, or sometimes greater than the same content watched on a television.

Making the Most of Mobile

Your brand and its connection to people has to be built on a reaction. Mobile content on Facebook and Instagram is the perfect way to build a connection through deeper engagement. You need to stir a reaction that drives people to feel like they can become a part of your brand. To develop great content that stirs that reaction marketers need to intricately understand their target audience. People's mobile feeds are chock full of content that is personalized, worthy, captivating and well timed. How can a brand make a lasting impression when all these people expect personalized content?

Mobile Is Primetime All the Time

From the minute people wake up to the time they fall asleep with their smartphones in bed with them, mobile marketing is there. People don't watch the news at 5 pm anymore - they access it 24 hours a day and they like it that way. Marketing your brand can now occur worldwide, all day in billions of unique places. That sounds like an audience that has the potential to stop swiping and start caring about an idea that inspires and moves them to care and act. Communicating with consumers through mobile content on Facebook and Instagram can tell a story that will connect those millions and billions to you and have a real emotional impact. The kind of impact that moves business.