Much has changed in the 50 years that John E. Woods has been practicing medicine. But one thing has not changed:  The patients’ attitudes and attachment to others remains the most important part of healing. Dr. Woods traces his development as a surgeon from his medical school days at Case Western Reserve to his residencies in inner city Cleveland, Mayo Clinic and rural Panama His long preparation for surgical practice also included advanced studies at Peter Bent Brigham with Nobelist Joseph Murray and at Harvard Medical School.

At the Mayo Clinic where he was appointed to the staff in 1969 he has maintained key research, practice and teaching positions while writing major articles in his field. Dr. Woods’ determination to chronicle his experiences in the finest medical facilities and in the remotest jungles has resulted in a powerful narrative, Healing:  The Joys of Medicine and Sorrows Too

This book recounts Dr. Woods’ experiences with both patients and caregivers throughout his many years of service. From the general care he offered tribal natives in the tropics to the leading edge surgery he committed himself to at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Woods’ finds that the benefits of spiritual healing, or lack thereof, have been a key component in all of his cases. Woods captures the emotions of his patients in a way that is both empathetic and informative,
making Healing:  The Joys of Medicine and Sorrows Too a powerful read.

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