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Here is what you get with our $275 package.
1) A "Homepage" which introduces your company and services.

2) A basic "Services" or "Products"  page that describes your products and prices.  Included are 10 products/services or you can provide the information in word format. However, if your list of products and services happens to be very long, this is an extra charge.

3) A "Directions" page in which the user imputs their address onto a form and gets directions to your location.

4) A "Contact Us" page  which contains a form enabling users  to leave you a message that is forwarded to your email.

5) Your email address with your company name: .

6) Click here for extra charges.

Don't forget to take a look at our basic templates.

If you have more then 2 products and want to accept orders on your website, you'll probably wan't an E-Commerce template which is not compatible with our $275 package because it involves extra work.


 Questions? Send us an email at Or call (610) 751-4093 and leave Kim a message.    You can also send us an email message with our contact us form, click here.



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