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Facebook Advertising in Spanish

Hispanics millennials lead the general population in social media use. All signs indicate this trend will continue to grow, and advertising targeting Hispanics on social media will become more and more important for businesses who want to reach this large section of the population.

Millennials are in the news almost daily as their buying power increases. Millennials interact with businesses in more ways than any other group: online, through social media, and apps are part of their daily routine. Because people are using social media more, it only follows that they will expect to interact with businesses in social media, and that they will rely on not just the messages advertisers are sending out, but also the messages their friends and family are sharing.

Hispanic Facebook Users - A Tech Savvy Group of Consumers

A recent study commissioned by Unilever and media agency Mindshare, performed by ShareThis, found:

This is huge news for advertisers. The Hispanic market is more reactive to online content than the general population. If your business isn't actively generating online content for users, and especially Spanish-speaking users, you are missing out on a generation that thrives on interaction. Millennials want to hear from you, and they want to hear from you often, but they want new content and relevant information that shows your business is as in-tune with online life as they are.

According to research by the Pew Research Hispanic Center in 2012:

Following a brand on Facebook is common for Hispanic millennials, and it's an important step for businesses in order to make consumers become repeat customers, loyal customers, and brand loyal to your business. But you have to keep the conversation going, frequently, with topics and content that interests them. Millennials want to know a company is social media savvy and in touch with what's happening today, what's popular today, and what's important today. The Hispanic population in the US is even more concerned about this, as the statistics show. Social media allows you to reach potential customers daily or multiple times daily, just like those consumers communicate with others. You show you identify with your consumers and belong in their group when you communicate with them via a preferred method, and with Hispanics that means Spanish-speaking ads that market directly to them.

You may already be advertising online, but if you aren't advertising through a social media or social network like Facebook, you're only scratching the surface of online ads. Consumers are mobile, so ads have to be able to reach them where they are, which is often on a social network by using a mobile device.

Facebook advertising in Spanish is poised to become a vital tool for business growth. In 2010, the US Census found that 17% of the population is Hispanic: 53 million US Hispanics. When planning an advertising strategy and advertising budget, it's more important than ever to reach out to the Hispanic population.

Our Spanish-speaking Facebook PPC experts have the skills and experience to help your business target ads to the Hispanic population. Our Spanish-speaking Facebook PPC team has over a decade of advertising experience focused on the Spanish-speaking population. This is a lucrative market, and businesses who fail to address it directly will miss a large pool of potential customers. This is an especially social media savvy group that responds to and shares online content. Tap this market, and watch your sales soar.

Facebook Advertising in Spanish - User Profiles, Pages and Posts

Users create a profile that allows others to find them on Facebook. Each user then has a unique page that is comprised of things they've shared on Facebook, messages they've posted, and messages others have posted to them. These messages, usually called posts, can contain text, links, pictures, video, or combine them all. Once a user creates a post, any connection they have can repost it. This puts the post on the new person's page, where all of their contacts can see it. It can then be reported by anyone that person knows, reaching the contacts of a third person.

Through reposting, users spread posts they find informative, useful, inspiring or entertaining. For a business, this can mean they post to their page and all their followers can see the post. Anyone who reposts it widens the audience of who sees it to their contacts and your contacts. Another reporsting furthers the audience again. This gives everyone who sees the ad the opportunity to visit your Facebook page and become a new follower. Having useful, current content on your Facebook page that is regularly updated will increase your chances of getting reposts and gaining followers. A great many celebrities, athletes, public figures and businesses use Facebook to get followers.

Facebook continues to grow, which means the potential customer base for your company is growing on Facebook also. You can't afford to not reach these consumers in tough, competitive economic times. Reaching out to a target audience like Hispanics, in their preferred language, shows you value their buying power and value them as individual customers, and you acknowledge and respect their heritage. Hispanic buying power will continue to increase as the Hispanic population grows, and since the population of Hispanics is growing faster than overall in the US, their buying power is growing faster than overall in the US also. That means your company needs to respond. You need to take action.

How Does Facebook Advertising in Spanish Work?

Advertisers can connect with people who share background characteristics or interests, to develop followers, potential customers, repeat customers, and business advocates that spread favorable information about the advertiser to others. Facebook has developed a robust system for targeting ads to specific markets advertisers desire, based on location, gender, interests, Facebook pages they follow, among other differentiators.

This ability to reach users in their preferred language allows businesses to reach potential customers speaking in the manner they are most comfortable with, and by capitalizing on this familiarity, advertisers can maximize the impact of specific ads. This allows businesses not only to reach their target audience, but to grow that target audience. This can lead to a dramatic growth in sales.

Facebook boasts analytic tools that help you assess specific ads and the overall ad campaign your business has developed. You have the opportunity to see and track the difference Facebook advertising in Spanish is making in your business, and gain insights that allow you to drive results: more ad clicks, more contacts for your business, and more sales.

Your Spanish Advertising Objectives on Facebook

Facebook is especially useful in accomplishing certain business objectives you have developed. For instance, Facebook lets you accumulate email addresses, so you can direct message via more than one channel, Facebook and email, to the same prospects. This contact information is invaluable, and will only grow in size over time. Facebook also allows you to offer a promotion code, coupon or other incentive, if the user agrees to do something. This can be one or more of the following: consent to be added to the email contact list, watch a video or review an ad, or enter something specific, which could be something that they need to visit your website (or app) to obtain. This drives traffic to your site and app, gets your ads viewed, increasing your email contact list, and puts a promotional offer in the hands of potential customers.

Facebook is extremely useful in driving Facebook users to your website. Communicate with users about products, promotions or upcoming events, and with a click they can be in your website. Increasing website traffic is one of the top advertising goals for many organizations. Get your message out, and get them back to your website to create a sale.

By using terms that are currently trending on Facebook in Spanish, you have the opportunity to reach an even wider range of consumers who are already interested in the keywords that are trending.

By creating a following, a Hispanic Facebook community, your business has an easily reachable group of customers, potential customers and targeted groups. Unlike many other available advertising mediums, Facebook allows your business to be nimble, reactive and relevant. You can quickly tie your business message to current events or trending topics, to reach an even larger market than you would have previously. This flexibility to create ads that are relevant to what is happening today keeps you in the conversation, and maintains the relevance of your business.

If you have a mobile app, Facebook advertising in Spanish is the perfect medium for reaching a group already known to be tech savvy and likely to use mobile apps like yours. Facebook can drive users to install your app, or you can use Facebook to drive users to interact with your app in relation to a specific product, event or promotion. Facebook helps you to make the very most of your mobile app by getting downloads, and then encouraging users to interact with the app on a regular basis. Reminding users about your app keeps your name and your app fresh in the minds of users.

The ability to target groups allows you to develop your messages in multiple languages. When you “speak the same language” you are making a connection with potential customers. For the fast growing Hispanic market, this is especially important.

Our company can manage it all for you. Our Spanish-speaking Facebook PPC team is here to help you plan your campaign for Facebook advertising in Spanish to cultivate more contacts, more clicks, and more sales from this market segment that is continuing to grow. It's a market segment you can't afford to ignore.