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An introduction to Ecommerce: Online stores for startup companies

Many businesses around the world, big and small, are still just beginning to set foot into the great, big world of the internet. This means that daily, new websites are created to promote the sale of products and services that may or may not benefit your life. Ecommerce has grown to become a major contribution to overall sales for many companies. This is because it has created a convenient and effortless way to purchase and book products and services.

Advantages of Ecommerce:

Ecommerce Development from Scratch

When making a purchase online, whether it is a brand new pair of Nike's or an autographed copy of The Walking Dead Volume 1, a lot of work goes into making that purchase possible. There are a hundred and one ways to develop a website but first you need a domain name.

Now, you must find a web host to storeyour website's files. This step can be compared to finding the building in which you want to start your company. This step can sometimes be troublesome because this requires, in most cases, a monthly fee to support your domain which in turn grants you access to a certain amount of space and add-ons depending on how much you pay.

Once that is done and over with, the final step is creating a layout. Most people get the help from web designers.

Now that your website is up and going you can begin selling, right?Not quite yet. You still need to set up payment plans, delivery options, fees, customer assistance, languages and most importantly, the product.

Outsourcing Your Ecommerce Development


This process seems very long, tiring and tedious; many would agree with that sentiment, but there is another option. That is where ecommerce development companies come into play. These are businesses there to help you make the process of creating your own website a much simpler task. They take out steps two and three, which were previously stated, and make it into an easy process that saves you both time and more importantly, money.

There are many advantages to having an online store where customers can view your products and services every day of the year, but the advantages of using an ecommerce developer are even greater.

Building a Website Using an Ecommerce Solution like WooCommerce


One of the many ecommerce companies out there is WooCommerce. They take a simple idea and make it grand and presentable to the millions who will visit your webpage each and every day. Their process is quick and easy. They provide you with an extension which is easily downloaded right on their website. WooCommerce uses the hosting site WordPress, a free blogging website, and edits the page layout to create a regular commercial website to conduct sales.

WooCommerce providesthe user with an interface with which they can choose from various templates and styles that suits their company's needs. From here the user is able to add photos and descriptions and pages of their various products and services. Once the basic layout is set up, WooCommerce provides users with additional add-ons (some for an additional fee) that can be used to further improve the website. The add-ons range from delivery options to adding multi-lingual tools to support customers across the world.

On top of all the website services that WooCommerce provides, they also provide many practical solutions that can benefit your business in the real world as well. By using their program the business owner is able to keep track of sales, customer reviews, and inventory. All of this data can be collected in reports provided by WooCommerce in a professional manner so owners can further provide better services to their customer.

Advantages of WooCommerce:

A Look at another Option - Magento

Another major force in ecommerce development is Magento. They are a widely-used company that offers many of the same services that WooCommerce does, including free templates and add-ons. One of the major differences between the two is that where WooCommerce uses WordPress to host the websites, Magento essentially uses EBay. In regards to simplicity, Magento can be a little more difficult for some users. This is especially true when downloading extensions; however, Magento provides users with various tutorial videos as well as an installation wizard to ease you into the complications of designing a web page.

Advantages of Magento:

Many people and businesses trust ecommerce developers for the main fact that they know how to get the job done, and they can do it well. Thousands of big name companies such as Harley Davidson, New Balance, Nike, and Rosetta Stone use ecommerce developers such as WooCommerce and Magento to manage their websites.

The benefits of ecommercesolutions are easily seen when you take into consideration how many businesses use this sales strategy to increase their profits and customer satisfaction. It provides a simple and efficient way to get in touch with customers at home and generate revenueat a low cost.