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Welcome to Doctors Wealth Network

The Doctors’ Wealth Network is designed exclusively for doctors by doctors’.  Showing them why it’s so important to add an additional stream of income into their life, by incorporating a business within their practice.  Not just any business but a residual generating business that you can later franchise to other doctors.  This franchise is based upon your success, “Learn to Earn and then Return”.

Every doctor knows that while patients make up your practice, it’s the money these patients generate that keeps you in practice.  Unfortunately, it’s the money or lack of money, that dictates whether you are operating a financially rewarding practice or something else.

The Doctors’ Wealth Network shows you how to work smarter on your business rather than harder in your practice.  Our SYSTEM builds Wealth, at the same time Eliminating your Debt.  Wealth is measured not in how much money you have, but in how much time you have to do what you want, when you want, where you want, and is not based on your practice income.  That income is limited.  OURS HAS NO LIMIT!      

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Bottom Line Comparison

Your Practice vs. Our Network

Listed below is a comparison between the benefits of your practice and our network.  You decide which path is going to take you where you want to go.

Your Practice Vs. Our Network Your Practice Our Network
Debt Freedom  
Financial Freedom  
Recession Proof Your Practice  
Elimination of Your Student Loan  
Doctors’ Paid Vacation  
Leaving a Legacy  
Exit Strategy  
$0 Child College Loans  
Practice as a Asset  
Lifestyle Assurance  
Doctors Wives $1,000,000 Club  


Top 10 Reasons
A Reason provides you with your why.

  1. You’re the Doctor ( a qualified healthcare professional)
  2. Your Setting ( people are concerned about their health while in your office)
  3. The Product ( is in direct line with your practice)
  4. The Solution (the item that ties everything together)
  5. Trends (your ahead of them, think baby boomers)
  6. Proven S.Y.S.T.E.M (Save Your Self Time Energy and Money)
  7. No Start Up Cost (risk is not part of this Network)
  8. No Inventory (goes with no risk, not part of this Network)
  9. Partnership (a Network that works with you to achieve your goals)
  10. Your Desire (to get everything you want in life)

Top 10 Concerns
A Concern is an issue to overcome in order to attain or achieve a goal.

  1. Why would a doctor want to do this?  You’re a healthcare provider.  You see the effects of poor nutrition and the positive benefits that proper Nutrition has on the body and spirit.
  2. I can’t sell.  No one is asking you to, we have a proven S.Y.S.T.E.M. that handles this for you.
  3. I don’t have time.  The fact that you say this, you can’t afford not to!
  4. I’m afraid what other doctors will think.  This is your life, stop letting others decide what’s best for you.
  5. What will my patients think?  Your patients not only care how much you know, but now they know how much you care.  You have to believe this will help them.
  6. My patients would never do this.  Let your patients answer this for you.
  7. My patients can’t afford this.  Again let your patients decide.
  8. Isn’t this one of those pyramid things that takes your money then leaves you with products you can’t get rid of?  No, because No Startup Cost + No Inventory = No Risk.  Start a business that pays you now, while laying the foundation for your stream of Residual Income.
  9. But I’m so successful doing nothing, what if this fails? This is called the Human Factor. Get over it!  You would not be reading this if that were the case.
  10. Your other concerns.  Call us, let’s discuss this further to best educate you on the principals of the Doctors Wealth Network.
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