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Recession Proof Your Practice

Doctors are losing their practices; families are losing their doctor’s.  The system is broke.  The Doctors’ Wealth Network shows you how to recession proof your practice.  The majority of all medical practice’s are in a constant state of recession.  Recession to a medical practice comes from two sources, external and internal.  External comes from conditions outside your practice (economy, increase regulation, decreasing reimbursement etc.).  Internal comes directly from just maintaining your practice such as rising overhead (staff, rent, rising malpractice insurance etc.).

Today, can you truly say you’re better off today than you were this time last year, given the same circumstances.  Now imagine if you business income was able to offset your current state of recession.

The difference between recession and economic growth may come down to literally several thousand dollars a month.  The question is, can you physically spend the additional time needed to generate this difference.  And if this could be achieved, what price are you willing to pay in relation to your health, family, and life style.

Riddle:  What is the difference between a recession and a depression? The answer: a recession happens to someone else, a depression is when that someone else is you.

Debt Freedom

Got Debt?  Want Debt Freedom?

Debt Freedom is nothing more than not using your earned income to pay your past, present, and future debt. Instead you use your residual income generating business income to pay that debt.  We’re not talking about being debt free; that could take years to achieve, if ever.  Debt freedom could take as little as several months to achieve.  Debt Freedom is the first step toward attaining true Wealth.

The Doctors Wealth Network shows you how to incorporate a business within your existing practice.  Only by having a business, that  generates a residual income can debt freedom be achieved.

Example of past, present and future debt:

Student Loans                   $200,000              $1,000 per month
Home Mortgage                $200,000              $2,000 per month
Car                                   $35,000                $400   per month
Utilities                              $650                     $650   per month

Future Debt

Child College                  $125,000                $473    per month
Wedding                                 ?                                      ?

With this debt example, you will achieve Debt Freedom when your business is generating $ 4,523.  This is your “Debt Freedom Number.”

Realize that Debt Freedom costs YOU nothing!

Financial Freedom

Congratulations! NOW that you know your Debt Freedom number you can compute your Financial Freedom number.  Once again, financial freedom is all about using your business income, rather than using your work (or practice) income to achieve your goal of Financial Freedom.

Your Financial Freedom number depends on your day-to-day lifestyle expenses (Entertaining, travel, clothing, food, etc). This is the fun stuff, the reason you work, this is the enjoyment part.  To figure  the cost of you having Financial Freedom, simply add the amount you spend per month on everything except your debt.  This is your Financial Freedom number. Once your business is generating this monthly amount, you  join that small group of individuals who can say they’re financially free.  Having Financial Freedom gives you two joys in your life:  The ability to enjoy your chosen passion, and more importantly, becoming more 'in-joy' with your life.

Financial Freedom is:

To do what you want
When you want
Where you want
For as long as you want
Without having to worry about money.


Welcome to Wealth.  How do you measure wealth?  Wealth is measured in time; how much time you physically do not have to work, having achieved both Debt and Financial Freedom.  There’s an old Henny Youngman joke; “I’m truly a wealthy man, as long as I die by 3 pm tomorrow”.    It’s common to confuse being rich with being wealthy.   You can be rich monetarily speaking, while still being a slave to your debts and financial obligations.  Wealth, simply put, is having the ability to remain on vacation as long as you like, and return whenever you want, knowing your business made it all possible.  That’s the difference. Wealth frees you and your family like nothing else can.  Wealth allows you the unique opportunity to deal with life on your terms rather than what you have been dealt.

Wealth is:

To do what you want
When you want
Where you want
For as long as you want
Without having to worry about money.

Doctors' Paid Vacations

Describe your vacation of a lifetime.  Would it be relaxing, adventurous, educational, close to home or around the world?  Most vacations are about passion! What’s your passion? What motivates you?  Everyone has some interests: fishing exotic locations, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, motorcycling across country, taking cooking lessons in Tuscany, golfing the top courses around the world, the list is endless.  The Doctors' Wealth Network shows you how all this is possible by joining our network.  We educate you on how your business through your practice will pay you, not only to enjoy your life, but also more importantly, be 'in-joy' with your life.

Try to imagine never taking another vacation.  Not because you don't have the money, not because you don't have the time, but because you need the deductions.  Yes deductions, your new business is 100% asset income.  Now imagine traveling to exotic locations to offer others the same opportunity the Doctors’ Wealth Network is offering you.  Talk to your tax accountant for more information on this subject.

Liability vs. Asset

How do you see your practice, Liability or Asset?  While many feel it’s one of their biggest assets, the truth is, it’s often their biggest liability, 100% liability.  The definition of an asset is something of value, while the definition of liability is something that puts you financially at risk.  Your practice is only an asset when you sell it.  Even this 'so called' asset, when sold, will only fund your current lifestyle for one or two years on average.  The liability of your practice results from your patients, office staff, rent/mortgage, vendors, etc.  Even after you close your doors, you are still responsible for your patient's charts for 7 years.
Right now you’re the practice’s only asset.

Let the Doctors' Wealth Network show you how to turn your liability practice into an asset, income-producing business.  We show you how you can implement our proven SYSTEM within your practice.

The good news is, you’ve already laid the foundation to launch your business within your practice, you just don’t know it.  Let Doctors' Wealth Network work with you to show you how to go from liability to asset.

Disability Insurance vs. Lifestyle Assurance

Which do you have?  Most doctors surveyed stated they had neither.  However, all doctors agreed that there is a need, after all, they are the practice’s only working asset.  But many feel that paying up to $9,000 or more per year for disability insurance is a gamble they’re willing to take.  Talk to anyone who ever had to use their disability insurance and the answer is always the same; they’re glad they had it.  The Doctors’ Wealth Network believes every doctor should have a backup plan, which is where our Lifestyle Assurance plan comes in.

The difference between Disability Insurance and Lifestyle Assurance is simple.  Disability Insurance you pay for years with the hope you’ll never need it.  Lifestyle Assurance pays you residual income NOW for any of your present needs and wants, while virtually eliminating your future financial uncertainty.

Memory vs. Legacy

Are you going to leave a memory? Or are you starting to build a legacy?  Unfortunately, many of you, are leaving only a memory with an unsure future for your family and loved ones.  Take all of your memory insurance and see how long it will last.

Now consider building a legacy, a legacy is, by definition, in the future.  Building your Doctors' Wealth Network legacy is not just for the future, but one you can enjoy right NOW, while making memories at the same time.  We, at the Doctors Wealth Network focus more on the NOW so the hereafter will take care of  itself.

Exit Strategy

What is your exit strategy?  Every doctor should have an exit strategy, yet  virtually no one does.  The day you start your practice you should have an  idea of what your exit strategy will look like.  The story of your practice can be a great journey that will sometimes lead you through unsure times.  At the beginning of your story you may be working a lot harder and longer than you thought you ever would, could or even should.  In the middle you will likely be doing more of the same just to keep up.  Possibly you are approaching the end, wondering where the time went and whether you still have enough time to prepare for your retirement.  Keep in mind,  retirement could be for 30-40 years.

The Doctors' Wealth Network shows you an exit strategy for any stage, allowing you to retire with more money than you could have ever imagined.  How ?  By incorporating a business within your practice, more specifically, a franchisable residual income generating business that does not depend on YOU working in the business,  but on the business working for YOU.  This income will also fund your lifestyle during the “story” of your practice, long before the exit strategy comes into play.

Volunteerism = $ "0" College Student Loans

How did you pay for your education?  Grants, scholarships, parents, or the ever-popular student loans?   Ninety-five percent of all students leave school with a staggering amount of debt.  Chances are you are still paying for your own student loans.  Hence the riddle: what do you and your unborn children have in common today.  You’ll both be paying for your student loans at the same time. 

You NOW have the opportunity to break the education debt chain.  How?  By using the concept of volunteering to your children, you can eliminate your child’s need for student loans.  Imagine your business is now generating enough money to pay your child for every hour he or she volunteers with a monetary incentive which would allow them to graduate with zero student loans. Imagine giving your children the freedom to enter the work force without carrying the financial burden of their educational expenses.

Take a look at the following example to see how volunteerism leads  to graduating debt free.

1 College cost divided by years to graduation equals earned money needed per year.  $100,000~8yrs. = $12,500 per year

2 Earned money needed per year divided by 12 months equals hours needed to volunteer.  $12,500 ~ 12 months = 1042 hours

3 Hours needed divided by hourly incentive equals hours per month.
   1042 hrs.~$25 = 42 hrs. per month

Children who volunteer enough time to pay for their own education have gained the additional benefit of *enlightenment, as they discover they will  benefit from helping others first.

* Enlightened – one who helps others first, and by doing so has discovered they have also benefited.
"Giving is the rent you pay for living".

Doctors' Wives $1,000,000 Club

According to the average stay at home mother should have been paid $138,095 in 2007, if she was compensated for all the aspects  of her “job”.  On top of that, that same group of stay at home mothers also forfeited up to $1,000,000 in income, retirement savings, pensions and a host of other benefits for this right or privilege.

The Doctors' Wealth Network will show you how you can create a 100% asset business from your husband’s 100% liability practice, while enjoying the rewards of staying at home with your children.

Imagine owning your own 'work from home' business where your customer leads come from your husband's practice, while your network business leads come from other doctors' wives like yourself, who are looking for the same financial freedom you  found.  Picture the satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that others are duplicating your business model.  You are literally getting paid for helping others, how much, is up to you.  You're now the President and CEO of your own company. 

Million Dollar Reality Challenge

The Doctors' Wealth Network is looking for doctors to participate in our Million Dollar Challenge.  Are you ready for a totally different reality challenge?  Unlike other reality challenges, this Million Dollar Challenge doesn’t have just one winner.  In our Doctors' Wealth Network there are no losers.  You win when everyone on your TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) wins.  All that is required to win is for everyone on the team to focus on his or her own success.

With this Challenge, there are no auditions, rejections or criticism. When you take our challenge you become the leader of your own team.   You pick your own teammates.  The rules are simple: “Learn to Earn and then Return”.  Once you do it, your team can do it.  Once you show others that by following your example, now they can become the leaders of their own teams.  The challenge turns into a source of francisable residual income.  The expression “The more the merrier” takes on a whole new meaning as the members of your team begin to generate income for themselves and also for you.


The Doctors Million Dollar Reality Challenge




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