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This site is dedicated to all those men and women who have spent the first third of their lives in pursuit of knowledge, just for opportunity to qualify for a job, and then spend the second third to pay for the first third, and find it nearly impossible to retire in the last third.

We at the Doctors Wealth Network salute you.

About Doctors' Wealth Network

Jack Clarkson is the originator, and educator for the Doctors' Wealth Network.  While working as the Sales Manager for a national company, Jack facilitates  the buying and selling of medical practices, and sees a need for his unique insight.  After interviewing hundreds of doctors, he became acutely aware of many of the unforeseen financial burdens most doctors face because they simply were never made aware. One thing  became obvious; even though the school prided itself in the quality of the medical education their doctors received, there was no incorporation of  the education of  business to prepare them, financially, to do what they were trained to do.  Unfortunately, medical schools still do not believe that business courses are essential for becoming physicians, this is why, many doctors, after graduation, are just settling for a ‘job’, working for someone else.

Does this statement have any relevance to you? “It’s not your fault that you never attended the course in business that the school never offered”!

We look forward to showing you there is a better way, and that way can start today.

P.S. Jack suffered a heart attack on January 22, 2024 at the age of 52 while completing the Doctors' Wealth Network. The reason we bring this to your attention is, if this can happen to him, what would be the impact on you, and your family if this happens to you.  How would your practice, your income, your lifestyle continue?  Whether you become part of the Doctors' Wealth Network,  is ultimately up to you.  We do encourage you to at least start to think about "what if", because real life isn't about what if, it's more about "when".

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