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ClickCartPro Development

Go to any Ecommerce site you are surely to find an online shopping cart. Today there are over 350 different major shopping carts that a website can use to provide an easy way for customers to place orders. However in 1998 there were only eleven platforms that were available out on the internet after the initial beginnings of the internet.

ClickCartPro, a product that is offered by Kryptronic, has been on the market since December of 1999. Since then, ClickCartPro has gone through seven more versions and the platform has a following of 14,000 companies and organizations. It is one of the most popular online shopping carts thanks to its extensive features. Presently this platform is also available in Europe under the name EuropaCart, which is structured to fit industry standards in the UK.

Each of these platforms offers many features that will allow your storefront to stand out to consumers looking for alternative places to shop. However we go one step further and we let companies add their own personal touches to their ClickCartPro install by offering additional, reasonably priced modules that really adds a competitive spin to your company and what you can offer. We can also help you with ClickCartPro installations, maintenance, customization, upgrades and extensions. We're experts at installing ClickCartPro into existing websites.

Features of ClickCartPro and EuropaCart

ClickCartPro provides excellent features that will really make your website stand out to your consumers and allow easily accessibility to improve their shopping experience. These features can benefit your organization both in the background, as “additions” during the check-out process, and a direct benefit to your consumers which can increase traffic and sales while you barely lift a finger.

Advanced Reporting

Behind the scenes, ClickCartPro can tell you what needs to be improved on and what is working for your organization, what is selling well and what isn't, and which types of sales promotions are resulting in profits. It has a great dashboard that gives you an overview of how your online store is performing, and even offers insights into where you could be making more money if you swapped around your sales promotions.

Excellent Branding

One of the biggest buzzwords in the business world is “branding”. As a company that may have foregone any type of brick-and-mortar storefront your website not only acts as a way to place orders but is also what your customer, figuratively, walks up to through online searching and creates sometimes the only impression a user may have. With this in mind, ClickCartPro allows you to customize your layout on the website from color schemes to logos which represents what your brand is all about. This makes for a shopping cart that doesn't feel “tacked on”; instead it feels like an integral part of your site.

Product Showcase

If branding is what users remember when they look at your website, having a constant reminder in their brains even after they leave your webpage, then the quality of images for product browsing helps users define what type of quality products your company sells.

Despite not being able to touch the item makes a consumer really feel like they are there at the store. Showcasing products has never been easier with ClickCartPro's option to showcase five unique products in addition to being able to zoom in closer and even search through thumbnails.

One of the best ways to track how well this is performing is with the new advanced reports and dashboard features which allow your organization to see reports as graphs. It offers you at-a-glance understanding of page views and orders.

A Better Consumer Experience

Up to now we have talked about the features that directly benefit your organization, but what is more important how does this improve your consumers' experience on your website? Having a website that is clogged full of bells and whistles will not “seal the deal” at the end of the day; often it leaves consumers aggravated at websites realizing it may be easier to just go to a brick-and-mortar store, leaving your company with missed opportunities.

The benefits that users personally get from ClickCartPro happen through the whole process from the moment they see your homepage to the moment that they finish the checkout.

All of these features gives ClickCartPro and EuropaCart something different and unique for you to stand out in the crowd.

What Makes Click Cart Pro So Versatile?

In addition to the above-mentioned features, ClickCartPro allows companies to go even further in their personalization of websites and offerings to consumers. With these reasonably priced modules, which range from $29.00 to $99.00, you are afforded the capability to offer unique options to your consumers.

Auto Gift Certificates automatically create these wonderful gift ideas, allowing you to give your loved ones what they truly want. At the same time receivers can feel confident that it will be automatically added to their first, or even next, purchase through your website.

A Google Trusted Store module allows your company to standout. Being verified that your company follows best practices regarding security means your customers are much more likely to trust your site.

News and RSS Content keeps your customers up to date on your new products.

One of the benefits of ClickCartPro is that they have very strong partnerships which further the functionality of the Ecommerce Platform. Some of these partners that make ClickCartPro one of the most versatile software for a company are Authorize.Net, VeriSign, WorldPay, UPS, USPS, Peachtree, PayPal, FedEx, Intuit, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. This means your customers can have their pick of how they pay you.

We Guarantee That the Cost Is Worth It!

If you have gotten this far you may be wondering if this valuable platform will eat too much into your profits. Both ClickCartPro platforms offer free 15-day trials to give you a better idea of what you are getting into. ClickCartPro starts at $249.00 and upgrades start at $129.00. Ask us about special deals we can offer.

We can install, modify and upgrade your ClickCartPro installation for you, making your site into a powerful customer-converting machine. Got a problem with your ClickCartPro installation? Get in touch and we'll troubleshoot it quickly. We offer custom designs and modules, turning your ClickCartPro website into one of the leading e-commerce sites online.