Is VPS hosting Changing the Way the Web Runs?

Today’s online business environment is a far cry from what it was just five years ago.

In 2007, it was enough to have a text-led website that informed your site visitors about your business or organization, with interior links to different parts of your business. Rarely was there a call to action directed to site visitors, to either subscribe to a newsletter, check out a new products page, or to “join the conversation” on a social media network. Today, that’s all changed.

Many companies are updating the front-facing parts of their website, with far more features aimed at capturing site visitor information. recommends that website owners offer certain items to a website visitor in exchange for an email address. Offer a case study, an article, free sample, coupon or download, anything to make the exchange of information more two-sided. After all, the site visitor came to your site looking for a solution to a problem.

There are also the social media entanglements that site visitors have to grapple with. If your company is using the full range of opportunities offered by social media, visitors will have pop-ups asking for Facebook integration, Twitter enhancements, YouTube subscription queries and more. To accomplish all this, a website’s back end also needs to be coordinated with its overall mission. A good web host can help with this integration whether it’s a cloud computing service with all the latest trends or a traditional Web host provider

There are specific criteria for website users to review before switching web hosts. If you’re in the market for a new web host, or possibly are one of the recently disgruntled GoDaddy customers looking for a change, try out some of these tips below.


There are distinctions for the functionality of web hosting for your site. For instances, some sites require a form of Windows VPS hosting. This is the type of hosting that lets website owners have full server control, with functionality and back-up capabilities, but with a blend of shared hosting elements like managed operating system updates and security-enhanced patches. Find out if your site works on a Windows server or Linux server.

New tools

As your site grows, your web host should offer up-to-date marketing tools, like unlimited websites (good for one-off campaigns), free site builders, and multiple email accounts. Update web-coding languages should also be supported — ask about CGI, PHP, Ruby (RoR), Perl, MySQl and more essential to your site’s growth.

Overall Package

At the very least, your website hosting package should include basics like:

- included domain name (i.e
- security and anti-virus protection
- site space from 100GB to unlimited disk space
- online support and web hosting guarantees
- data transfer rates from 1,000 GB/mo to unlimited data transfer
- unlimited email storage

Terms of Service

Make sure to study your web hosts’ terms of service agreement. Too often, website owners usually just scan it and don’t read it carefully. Bring in an experienced web host buyer to help read the TOS. Knowing exactly what’s covered in your agreement can be a great benefit later on.

Knowing what works best in your web hosting will be beneficial to your site’s development down the road.

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