Website Design Tips – Website Template Design Versus Custom Website Design

Once you have made the decision that you need your own website, you need to make a decision on the how you want it to look. Before you decide on the fonts, colors, or even content of your website, you need to understand the concept behind website design. There are two main ways that a website can be designed. Website template design is one such method and custom website design is another. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both before you make your decision on how you want your website built.

Website template design involves using a template to start your website project. A website template design starts with a template that has already been built by a website developer as a starting point for future websites. The templates available are often pre-coded for colors, fonts, locations of images, etc. There are edits that need to be made to the website template design in order to customize it with your niche; however, the basic starting point will be the same for numerous websites who want that design.

Custom website design involves creating your website from scratch. A website designer will take into consideration all of the features, colors, etc. that you want in a website and begin to build the website from the ground up. You do not need to worry about adding or removing features that would normally come on a website template design as the website developer will code the features that you want as they do your project.

Website template design is often quicker if you need a website immediately as a tremendous amount of coding has already been accomplished. Custom website design usually takes slightly longer as a web developer will be starting from scratch in order to accommodate all of your wants and needs in a website. Depending on the website developer that you choose, timing may not be a factor. A professional website development company will have a team of expert designers who can create your site from scratch in about the same time as it takes some developers to customize a template.

Custom website design allows you to create a custom website that stands out among the rest. You can customize features to your site that are available on other websites so that your site has the best of all worlds. You can integrate your specific content and make the flow of the website look natural as if it was built specifically for you (as it actually was). Website template design can often leave you with a site that looks similar if not the same as other websites. If you want a website that stands out among your competition, website template design is often not the answer.

If you choose website template design, you will have to live with certain features of the design that you do not want or need. This is because the coding is already done for certain portions of the template and removing them could disrupt the stability of the design. You also may not be able to add certain features that you want without paying for additional coding. Custom website design will allow you to create a website that is exactly what you envision in your head. As it is built from scratch, a website developer will know exactly what to code as they go along in order to ensure that your website has a professional design and will remain stable with all of the supporting features that you want. Rubber duck aka adam beyer and peter benisch pure muscle.

Pricing is also a consideration when choosing between website template design and custom website design. Website template design is cheaper as the base of the website design has already been completed. A web developer can use that template as a base for many different projects so that payment for such designs is cheaper. Custom website design will run you slightly more as the web developer will need to start your site from scratch.

When choosing between website template design and custom website design, know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Custom website design will cost you a little more money but will give you a website that stands out among your competition. Website template design can be accomplished quicker but will often leave you with a site that looks like the others.

Regardless of the method that you choose, Designz23 can accommodate both. They can provide you with templates to choose from and also provide you with originally designed websites created by their team of expert website builders. Contact them today to determine which type of design concept is right for your project.

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