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I own Designz23 Web Design in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. We have been servicing local web design customers in the Lehigh Valley for over 3 1/2 years. We have over 100 web sites online and are now one of the best web design firms in the United States. I often meet with web design customers in the Lehigh Valley area for face-to-face in person meetings. Here is a picture of me:

We are the best web designers in the Lehigh Valley.

Our professional web designers will create a stunning online look for your lehigh valley business. Take a look at our company video:
Lehigh Valley’s best website designers…

Our website design model is unique.

We provide each business with unlimited design samples with unlimited revisions. We keep changing your design , moving things, trying different colors and layouts until you accept one of web design samples. We often please our customers with the very first draft. However, even if it takes us 7 or more samples we do not charge any extra fees for this. Every customer pays the original price regardless of the number of revisions it takes. We offer a lot more than just design. We also provide search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Ecommerce, programming, flash animation and just about anything else. We do work with clients all over the United States. However, if you are local in the Lehigh Valley area and would like to meet in person, we will be glad to accommodate this request.

50% of all businesses in The Lehigh Valley do not have a web site. Many have never even thought about calling a web designer. I speak to business owners every single day who are not tech savvy and some who hardly ever use a computer at all. Farmers, for example often need to be shown how a web site will increase their business. When many business owners fail to realize these days, is that millions on people have left the printed yellowpages and now use the Internet as their sole source to find a business. Times are changing. Even a farmer in the Lehigh valley can understand that when someone is doing a search for “local organic eggs” that it’s best to have his business appear in the search results. We will help each lehigh valley business with a web design layout that is both professional and attactive, and one that is submitted to the most popular search engines.

A Special For Local Web Design Customers in The Lehigh Valley Area…

We are currently offering all web design customers in The Lehigh Valley one full year of web hosting. Furthermore, each local website design customer gets a free listing on www.lehighvalleycouponsite.com. For a free consultation with Designz23 call (610) 751-4093 or visit www.designz23.com .

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