Is VPS hosting Changing the Way the Web Runs?

Today’s online business environment is a far cry from what it was just five years ago.

In 2007, it was enough to have a text-led website that informed your site visitors about your business or organization, with interior links to different parts of your business. Rarely was there a call to action directed to site visitors, to either subscribe to a newsletter, check out a new products page, or to “join the conversation” on a social media network. Today, that’s all changed.

Many companies are updating the front-facing parts of their website, with far more features aimed at capturing site visitor information. recommends that website owners offer certain items to a website visitor in exchange for an email address. Offer a case study, an article, free sample, coupon or download, anything to make the exchange of information more two-sided. After all, the site visitor came to your site looking for a solution to a problem.

There are also the social media entanglements that site visitors have to grapple with. If your company is using the full range of opportunities offered by social media, visitors will have pop-ups asking for Facebook integration, Twitter enhancements, YouTube subscription queries and more. To accomplish all this, a website’s back end also needs to be coordinated with its overall mission. A good web host can help with this integration whether it’s a cloud computing service with all the latest trends or a traditional Web host provider

There are specific criteria for website users to review before switching web hosts. If you’re in the market for a new web host, or possibly are one of the recently disgruntled GoDaddy customers looking for a change, try out some of these tips below.


There are distinctions for the functionality of web hosting for your site. For instances, some sites require a form of Windows VPS hosting. This is the type of hosting that lets website owners have full server control, with functionality and back-up capabilities, but with a blend of shared hosting elements like managed operating system updates and security-enhanced patches. Find out if your site works on a Windows server or Linux server.

New tools

As your site grows, your web host should offer up-to-date marketing tools, like unlimited websites (good for one-off campaigns), free site builders, and multiple email accounts. Update web-coding languages should also be supported — ask about CGI, PHP, Ruby (RoR), Perl, MySQl and more essential to your site’s growth.

Overall Package

At the very least, your website hosting package should include basics like:

- included domain name (i.e
- security and anti-virus protection
- site space from 100GB to unlimited disk space
- online support and web hosting guarantees
- data transfer rates from 1,000 GB/mo to unlimited data transfer
- unlimited email storage

Terms of Service

Make sure to study your web hosts’ terms of service agreement. Too often, website owners usually just scan it and don’t read it carefully. Bring in an experienced web host buyer to help read the TOS. Knowing exactly what’s covered in your agreement can be a great benefit later on.

Knowing what works best in your web hosting will be beneficial to your site’s development down the road.

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Create a Killer Website in 6 Steps

Creating a quality website doesn’t have to be a laborious task. The key elements of a good website include a great web design, ease of use and excellent code. Using careless design elements can frustrate site visitors, and may cause a visitor to move on to another website. Not only might you lose a potential customer or client, but also any advertising potential.

It’s important to have a great site for your product, service or personal brand, so here are six tips to remember in creating a killer website.

Pick a Great URL

Deciding on a domain name and web hosting provider are the first steps to starting your website. Pick a catchy, memorable URL that will reflect well on your work and resonate with customers. Then choose a web hosting company based on reliability, price, customer support. Search online for web host directories to pick out a top web hosting company.

Colors and Lines

Choice of color, font and images really matter to site visitors, and ensures how they experience your site. Stick with two or three colors and two font templates. Avoid clutter of design elements. Neon green script fonts on a black background? Awkward.

To speed up page load times, compress your page photos and limit excessive video representation. Don;t make site visitors have to wait for images to load; they will likely click off your site. Use relevant quality images , not amateur pictures, for the page content.

Clarity, not Confusion

Create a clearly understood page for the user. If your website is to sell a product or service, give advice, and provide resources to direct users to other places, make sure that’s easily seen to the user. Don’t confuse site visitors. Create visual cues like arrows or text highlights to direct your user to key parts of your site.

Avoid Flashy

A good website should interest a visitor with bold text, catchy graphics and relevant copy. Be interesting and informative, not flashy and time-wasting. Resist using flash animation on your web page, as that slows down a site search. Focus on a visitor’s interests for content.

No Offers

If the first thing a visitor sees when hitting a website is a pop-up window asking for a newsletter subscription, that visitor will likely click off right away. Connect your site visitors to your great site content; if they’re interested, they’ll stick around. Check with your web hosting company how to check interest levels based on time spent on a site.

Browser Check

Before you go live with your website, definitely conduct a browser compatibility check. Test your site through several browsers. The best major browsers are Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Verify that your website can be read by various browsers, especially the new versions. What works well in one may not work at all in the others. Adjust your code or images if necessary.

The best way to learn good web design is to spend time looking at the different types of web design trends online. Notice what works and what doesn’t work for you. Design your website according to your likely site visitors to enrich their web experience, and you will soon have a following of satisfied clients and customers.

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Website Design Tips – Website Template Design Versus Custom Website Design

Once you have made the decision that you need your own website, you need to make a decision on the how you want it to look. Before you decide on the fonts, colors, or even content of your website, you need to understand the concept behind website design. There are two main ways that a website can be designed. Website template design is one such method and custom website design is another. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both before you make your decision on how you want your website built.

Website template design involves using a template to start your website project. A website template design starts with a template that has already been built by a website developer as a starting point for future websites. The templates available are often pre-coded for colors, fonts, locations of images, etc. There are edits that need to be made to the website template design in order to customize it with your niche; however, the basic starting point will be the same for numerous websites who want that design.

Custom website design involves creating your website from scratch. A website designer will take into consideration all of the features, colors, etc. that you want in a website and begin to build the website from the ground up. You do not need to worry about adding or removing features that would normally come on a website template design as the website developer will code the features that you want as they do your project.

Website template design is often quicker if you need a website immediately as a tremendous amount of coding has already been accomplished. Custom website design usually takes slightly longer as a web developer will be starting from scratch in order to accommodate all of your wants and needs in a website. Depending on the website developer that you choose, timing may not be a factor. A professional website development company will have a team of expert designers who can create your site from scratch in about the same time as it takes some developers to customize a template.

Custom website design allows you to create a custom website that stands out among the rest. You can customize features to your site that are available on other websites so that your site has the best of all worlds. You can integrate your specific content and make the flow of the website look natural as if it was built specifically for you (as it actually was). Website template design can often leave you with a site that looks similar if not the same as other websites. If you want a website that stands out among your competition, website template design is often not the answer.

If you choose website template design, you will have to live with certain features of the design that you do not want or need. This is because the coding is already done for certain portions of the template and removing them could disrupt the stability of the design. You also may not be able to add certain features that you want without paying for additional coding. Custom website design will allow you to create a website that is exactly what you envision in your head. As it is built from scratch, a website developer will know exactly what to code as they go along in order to ensure that your website has a professional design and will remain stable with all of the supporting features that you want. Rubber duck aka adam beyer and peter benisch pure muscle.

Pricing is also a consideration when choosing between website template design and custom website design. Website template design is cheaper as the base of the website design has already been completed. A web developer can use that template as a base for many different projects so that payment for such designs is cheaper. Custom website design will run you slightly more as the web developer will need to start your site from scratch.

When choosing between website template design and custom website design, know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Custom website design will cost you a little more money but will give you a website that stands out among your competition. Website template design can be accomplished quicker but will often leave you with a site that looks like the others.

Regardless of the method that you choose, Designz23 can accommodate both. They can provide you with templates to choose from and also provide you with originally designed websites created by their team of expert website builders. Contact them today to determine which type of design concept is right for your project.

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How To Choose A Web Design Company That Will Fill Your Wants And Needs

If you are just starting out with your own website or looking to expand your current online presence, it is important that you know how to choose a web design company. After all, there are hundreds of sites that claim that they are among the best web design companies; however, you need to be able to make an informed decision as opposed to just trusting their word for it. To do so, it is important that you know how to choose a web design company that will design a site that is tailored to your needs.

The best web design companies will listen to you before they even begin to work. There are some companies who will try to throw template designs your way hoping that you will find something that you like. This will be beneficial to them as they can charge you a high fee for something that is already completed. However, a professional website designer will build your site from scratch so you will know you found a professional when they ask you questions about the design you are looking for before they even make a recommendation on a design.

If you want to know how to choose a web design company that has the competency to build your site, make sure that they are qualified in certain areas of web design. The best web design companies will have knowledge of basic coding including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If the company has no idea what these are, you need to move on to another one quickly because these are the basics skills needed to begin building a quality website. Additional skills that are nice to find in some of the best web design companies include PHP, Flash, and other script writing. If you cannot find any information about these skills on their website, send them an email inquiring what type of coding they use to build their websites.

References are another way of knowing how to choose a web design company. The best web design companies should have a spot on their website that shows off their previous customers and contains testimonials from those who have liked their service. Read these references and look at the sites that they represent. You should find a wide range of different projects that were completed and there should be more than just one or two testimonials from previous clients. The more testimonials that are on the site the more likely you are choosing wisely from the list of the best web design companies.

Experience is something that should be considered, but is not something that should be a deal breaker if you really want to know how to choose a web design company. Keep in mind that the internet has not been around for that long. Also, the designs, functionality, and computer language of the internet change on a daily basis. That is why you should choose from the best web design companies who keep up with the current trends, not a company that says they have been in business forever.

Once you narrow the field of the best web design companies, you need to make a decision on which one to choose. It can be difficult when narrowing the field; however, looking at their portfolios is another good way to help you decide how to choose a web design company. Portfolios are a great way for the best web design companies to show you their previous work and websites that they are proud of. Take a good look at these sites and test the functionality of each one. See if any of the sites have the functions and design qualities that you are looking for.

Also look at how transparent a web design company is. If they include a telephone number for you to contact them, chances are they are reputable and among the best web design companies that are available. Do not choose someone that fails to return emails or does not communicate with you and definitely do not choose someone who will not show you previous work. If they seem like they are hiding something then they probably are.

Finally, remember that price is not the most important factor that you should consider when choosing from the best web design companies. The statement that you get what you pay for is true, especially when it comes to website design. If you want to go the cheap route, expect a pre-made template design that a fourth grader could design. If you spend more once you find a designer that meets the qualifications above, expect to get more bang for your buck.

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Lehigh Valley Web Design Company The Best in The USA

I own Designz23 Web Design in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. We have been servicing local web design customers in the Lehigh Valley for over 3 1/2 years. We have over 100 web sites online and are now one of the best web design firms in the United States. I often meet with web design customers in the Lehigh Valley area for face-to-face in person meetings. Here is a picture of me:

We are the best web designers in the Lehigh Valley.

Our professional web designers will create a stunning online look for your lehigh valley business. Take a look at our company video:
Lehigh Valley’s best website designers…

Our website design model is unique.

We provide each business with unlimited design samples with unlimited revisions. We keep changing your design , moving things, trying different colors and layouts until you accept one of web design samples. We often please our customers with the very first draft. However, even if it takes us 7 or more samples we do not charge any extra fees for this. Every customer pays the original price regardless of the number of revisions it takes. We offer a lot more than just design. We also provide search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Ecommerce, programming, flash animation and just about anything else. We do work with clients all over the United States. However, if you are local in the Lehigh Valley area and would like to meet in person, we will be glad to accommodate this request.

50% of all businesses in The Lehigh Valley do not have a web site. Many have never even thought about calling a web designer. I speak to business owners every single day who are not tech savvy and some who hardly ever use a computer at all. Farmers, for example often need to be shown how a web site will increase their business. When many business owners fail to realize these days, is that millions on people have left the printed yellowpages and now use the Internet as their sole source to find a business. Times are changing. Even a farmer in the Lehigh valley can understand that when someone is doing a search for “local organic eggs” that it’s best to have his business appear in the search results. We will help each lehigh valley business with a web design layout that is both professional and attactive, and one that is submitted to the most popular search engines.

A Special For Local Web Design Customers in The Lehigh Valley Area…

We are currently offering all web design customers in The Lehigh Valley one full year of web hosting. Furthermore, each local website design customer gets a free listing on For a free consultation with Designz23 call (610) 751-4093 or visit .

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