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Amazon Product Ads

Web advertising on major websites is an invaluable tool for thousands of companies. Large, popular websites that generate hundreds of thousands of clicks are great outlets for organizations and brands to advertise their services or latest products, attempting to appeal to particular demographics of Internet users, and to gain popularity and interest.

While people first think of web advertising on big websites like Facebook, Google and Yahoo, there are other markets sometimes untapped by Internet advertising. One of the websites most often overlooked that has great marketing potential is Amazon. In this guide, we will provide tips and tricks to maximize profits and value when advertising your products through Amazon Advertising.

What Type of Ads Does Amazon Offer?

Unlike other sites that have advanced their advertising offerings in recent years, such as Google and Bing, the type of Ads Amazon offers has largely unchanged since they first began offering them, and remains very simple. Any products that are marketed on related pages and searches on Amazon fall into either “Sponsored Products” or “Product Ads.”

Products from companies advertising as “Sponsored Products” are part of a PPC (pay-per-click) program for advertisers or companies that already have their products listed on Amazon.

“Product Ads,” on the other hand, are for companies or websites that are selling their products outside of Amazon; web traffic is directed to the company's site from Amazon under this type of ad.

Benefits of Amazon Advertising

No matter what type of advertisement, companies and businesses using Amazon Ads can seem many benefits from them.

An overwhelming majority of companies using Amazon advertisement see a huge return on investment, as there is usually a very reasonable price for product advertisement in relation to how many consumers can be reached for certain type of products.

Companies in industries in which consumers use Amazon to shop for their category of products often (such as electronics, books, and home accessories), see drastic increases in conversion rates from views to actual purchases from their consumer base. Basically, Amazon is a great way to generate interest in your product. If your company has revenue to experiment with marketing and advertisement, it may be a wise decision to see how advertisements on Amazon impact sales, and if they do, which type of advertisement does it better.

Are Amazon Ads Right for Me?

Amazon Product Ads should have at least some type of positive affect on sales and profits with any product. However, some companies may want to choose being a Sponsored Ad over a Product Ad or vice-versa for various reasons.

For example, if the type of good a person sells does not contain a UPC (Universal Product Code) or ISBN, it cannot be sold on Amazon and thus must be a Product Ad. In addition, Product Ads do not require the company to manage a complete Seller Central Account with Amazon; with this step, the company does not have to divulge certain information that may change in the future, such as shipping and return policies, until the actual point of sale.

Before moving forward completely with attempting to take ads out with Amazon, make sure that your product is within the approved list of product categories allowed to be advertised with Amazon approved ads. The majority of popular products that are sold new on Amazon are covered, but it is still crucial to check and ensure that you can actually advertise and market your product within Amazon's terms of service before making plans to fully proceed.

How to Start Advertising on Amazon

If you believe that you and your product are prepared to begin advertising with Amazon, the first step is to open an account with Amazon Product Ads. It is not required that you have previously had a Seller Account, but you are able to join your Seller Account to your account for Amazon Product Ads if you would like to.

Next comes your basic information, which needs to be completed under “Account Info” this will include pretty basic information that any company asks of advertisers. Account Info can be changed at any time through the Settings tab.

The next important step is setting a daily budget; the interface for Amazon Product Ads is pretty simplistic and only allows for a daily budget to be set for the whole account, unlike other websites that are popular for product advertising. While you do have the option to set category bids after setting your daily limit, it is usually wise to wait, and see which actual categories your product falls under. This way, none of your daily limit is spent on categories that your product does even qualify for!

Using Our Amazon Advertising Services

After getting your account set up to your preferences and information, we are happy to manage it appropriately for you to maximize profit and return on your investment. Allowing us User Permissions through the Settings tab allows our company to make the perfect ads for you to reach your demographic with your product. The permission sare laid out in a bit of a complicated matter, with four different categories, so if you would like more information on what is and isn't permitted by your current account Permissions, feel free to ask us at any time. With the appropriate Permissions, we are then able to Add Products to your account by uploading them.

After considering the type of product you would like advertised and your budget, we will select the best formatting for your product, which is more likely than not just the standard Amazon Product Ads Template. After at least one uploaded product you will be able to manage your uploads and set your category bids through the “Manage Bids” tab.

After this, we will take care of one of the drawbacks of Amazon Product Ads: optimization. APA is notorious for having little to no options for optimizate, but our staff is skilled at making the best use of the interface and options at our disposal. Our techniques include, but are not limited to, utilizing every field included in the feed to generate as much interest as possible, adjusting bids in various categories according to which ones are performing best, and which products are worth advertising based on their price. Our company is committed to optimizing the advertising of any company's products, and we pride ourselves on constantly improving any client's experience with advertising online, with Amazon included.

Why Use a Company to Advertise?

You may be asking yourself, “You just told me how to advertise on Amazon. Why should I pay your company to do it for me when I basically know the basics?”

To start off, we are professionals. While we have all the confidence in the world that you know your product, your target audience, and what you hope to gain from online advertisement, our company has been working in web design and advertisement professionally for many years. Our staff are all expertly trained on advertising options, procedures, and optimization technique; as the world of Internet advertising is changing by the day, our company also prides itself on staying up to date with changes in advertising procedure and techniques, changes in particular websites terms and options when advertising, and the future of web content in general. It is our job to know how best to sell your products, maximizing web traffic, sales, and public opinion.

Second, using a professional service significantly decreases the costs associated with advertising. Companies new or inexperienced with web advertising undoubtedly spend thousands on unoptimized strategies and payroll on employees still trying to figure out the best way to advertise your product. By choosing us, you skip this growing pains associated with online advertising. This, additionally, will save time and energy expended on trying to figure out an advertising system, when this should instead be spent on attempting to maximize profit or on expanding your business. At our company, we want to see your company succeed as much as you do.

While the world of web advertising can sometimes be a scary place, Amazon Product Ads has some of the most simplistic procedures for advertising on the Internet. While this sounds like a good thing (it is for the most part), this creates a lot of issues with proper optimization; much must be done to avoid overspending on unsuccessful categories, or on products that do not cost enough to be beneficial to use your advertising budget on. However, with our company, not only will you never have to worry about optimizing the presentation of your products: you won't have to worry period.