Additional Fees for the Basic Package ( $275 Starter Web Design Package)
  1. A Hosting Account (required). A Hosting account is what keeps the web site on the internet. Monthly Plan ($9.95/mo.) + $13.95 Annual Domain Registration Fee. Click the button below to buy a hosting account:

  2. Basic Templates: usually $20-60 extra. However, if you have more then 2 products and want to accept orders on your website, you'll probably wan't an E-Commerce template (over $100 extra) which is not compatible with our $275 package because it involves extra work. If you have less then two products and/or are not taking orders on your web site, choose a design below to go with the $275 package.

    Below are the E-Commerce Templates

  3. Search Engine Submission by Designz23: $40
  4. Pictures: up to $20 per picture after 2 pictures per page, depending on the complexity of the picture arraingment/formatting.
  5. Animations: $35.00 per Hour.
  6. If your web site will be listing more then 10 products/services, there are no additional charges if you provide the structure in Word format. Otherwise, additional charges may apply. Contact us for an estimate.

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You may be responsible to purchase resources for insertion onto webpages. For example, many external vendors sell premium sound, if you wan't that specific sound on your web site, then it would be your responsibility to pay the external vendor for it. We would then charge you an insertion fee to put it on the page and possibly an editing fee if you would like us to edit that sound, if possible.

External vendors also sell photography and completed animations, such items would be your responsibility. After you purchase them, we will charge you an insertion fee. You would also be responsible for digital Shopping Cart technology fees and credit card processing fees.

Designz23 Web Design provides services nationwide. We are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. If you happen to be in The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, we may be able meet with you locally and even take pictures of your business for an additional fee. We can put these pictures on your website, even in the background. Call Kim Murphy at (610) 751-4093 if you have any questions. Contact US/Request a Web Design Quote.

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